Spin and Dizzy Cat Videos 2017

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Liezel Pineda says:

its not sad its funny!!! 😂😂😂😅😅😅

Jktup1 says:

0:18 when your girlfriend break up with u

Dmnc says:

Some of the people in these videos should kill themselves

Bella Carter says:

Some of these are mean

Znek says:

I just did the first video to my cat, her reaction was priceless

Kuro Desu says:

1:17 dh kena sawan tu..😭

maydil tonacao says:

Do you think its funny? how could you? It maybe an animals but they are still considered as Living creature make fun for other thinngs not with this kind of!!


0:13 Meow! (Stop man)

Orlando Gabato says:

Cat gyroscope malfunction

Colin Spaan says:

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy deze kut reclame

Ellis_YT says:

0:46 : it mite as well be a fucking fidget spinner bro thats's cruel

J.AL’s World says:

Animal abuse 0:47

Overbros says:

oh may god 0:45 this is so sad alexa play despacito

it makes me angry how every second comment is about how harassing it is to the cats pls cry cmon

L ฬright says:

0:46 is messed up

Youqube Youqubee says:

THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE GONE… who ever made it is evil!

Nebula DreamWalker says:

AAAaaaawwwwwwww!!! Poor kitty's. 😂😥 I kept saying I shouldn't be laughing….😂😅😭😆

Yanuze says:

triggered vegans

tide pods says:

If God didn't want cats to be dizzy he wouldn't have made them so easy to spin.

ShootingStarAJM says:

Some of these are just mean.

Aidan Smith says:

Should I find this funny? Cause I feel a little mean watching cats get so dizzy they can barely walk. But at the same time, this is just gold it's hilarious lol.

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