Outrageously Funny Cute Cat Videos compilation | A Funny Cat Video compilation funniest Tik Tok cats

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Outrageously Funny Cute Cat Videos | Funny Cute Cat Videos compilation | Funny Cat Compilation Video | A Funny Cat Video compilation for 2020 | funniest Tik Tok cat videos … Funny Cat Compilation Video | A Funny Cat Video compilation for 2020 . This is a funny cat compilation video that will have you laughing with tears. Funny cat memes and videos are so funny.
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Watching Online Cat Videos Is Good for You

Looking at Grumpy Cat’s underbite and feline dwarfism just might just make you feel better about your bratty kid, your nagging spouse or your demanding boss. That’s right, according to a new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, watching cat videos online reduces our negative feelings while raising our sense of well-being and boosting our energy levels.

Grumpy Cat, whose real pet name is Tardar Sauce, shares a manager with fellow YouTube stars Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat. Last we checked, the famous feline had 7.7 million Likes on Facebook. In all, more than 2 million cat videos were posted on YouTube last year, gathering nearly 26 billion views. Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube content. That makes kittens more valuable eye candy than, say, Maxim’s Hot 100. (Taylor Swift topped the list this year, just in case you were wondering.)

For the new study, Jessica Gall Myrick, an assistant professor at the Indiana University Media School, surveyed nearly 7,000 Internet users about how watching cat videos affects their moods. She got a little help from Bloomington, Indiana resident Mike Bridavsky β€” the owner of Internet celebrity cat Lil Bub β€” who used social media to recruit participants for the survey.

The results should make you feel a bit less guilty about clicking through one cat video after another: β€œEven if they are watching cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they should be working, the emotional pay-off may actually help people take on tough tasks afterward,” Myrick says.

Don’t think watching cat videos online is a pop culture phenomenon worthy of academic research? Myrick disagrees: β€œIf we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ignore Internet cat videos anymore.”


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