Naughty Cats Video Compilation 2016

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From cats knocking things off the table, naughty cats sneaking into the fridge for food, to cats arguing with other cats, these are just a few of the naughty cats you’ll find in this naughty cats video compilation.

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phuk googell says:

these cats are bored. in the wild they would have much more to do. FREEALLPETS.

Stephanie Frank says:

Sleep eating ninja kitty steals the show! (2:22)

kinsey lynn says:

1:30 this is horrible parenting right there. He should not have let her do that to the cat and he should not have smacked the cat.

ummarah khan says:

What a ban these cats 😂😂😂😂😂

David S. says:


Andrew Guest says:

Me thinks cats are far naughtier then dogs

valentina cavic says:

the cat who was about to eat the chicken was so cute and smily😇😇😺😺😺❤❤❤

Angel Monae says:

Cats on kitchen tables, countertops and in fridges?!?!!? And these are the same people wanting to bring food from home to potlucks 🤮🤮🤮🤮😑😑😑

3D Printed stuff says:

I loved how the cats said who cares?

UGG says:

1:37 mooom what’s for dinner!?
All we have in the fridge is Chinese food

Gloria says:

Some of these cats will end up in "My cat from hell" program. I love my furbabies but won't encourage naughty even dangerous behavior for their own good.

danadonkey says:

Whose here from bob’s burgers?

quantumcomputer says:

Bobs Burgers S09E05 brought me here.
Hey Belcher kids, this isn't http://naughtycats.vid

James Byers says:

3:15 Busted!!

PAC W says:

OMG that cat at 0:35 is hilarious..He is so naughty.

Cazel Ann says:

0:58 cat be like 'i don't give a f*'

Hae In says:

I like that kitten stealing thing 😂 it looks like potato 😂

Cat Don't Care says:

I can’t believe he crawls over with his eyes shut pretending to be asleep until his nose touches the chicken 🍗😂 Cat genius right there 👍. Check out 😃👍
It’s for our new book is called “How To Argue With A Cat” (you might like it if you love cats)- it’s about the art of persuasion. I wouldn’t like to argue with the sleeping cat though- he has mastered the art of perfect timing to get that chicken – humans wouldn’t stand a chance against him! He knows exactly what he is doing! 😂 xxx 🐱💕🐾💕🐾🍗

Lucy Beresford says:

I may or may not peed the bed…

Good videos 6 says:

The Sharing cats are the best in this video

Brooke Nicodemus says:

The cat at 0:51 is like I'm still going to do it

NUK3 GAM3RZ says:


Fiaunna Bertha says:

The cat that knocked over that controller… than the cup… lmfao that video was the best.. The way he looked at her his stare was priceless…he was like did you just tell me no… who the are you talking too… and bam he broke it anyways…😂😂😂

Louie Danger says:

0:45 — Good Kitty! 🙂

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