Mother Cat and Cute Kittens – Best Family Cats Comilation 2018

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Mr. oomHver says:


Sasiska Go-go says:


Sasiska Go-go says:


Life Is Pets says:

Cute kittens Don't miss it


Beautiful. What good mamas cats are. Some of them are almost hypnotized by love. And the kitties are really fast learners with their mimicry.

Diamond Cascade Black Spring says:

Fathers take note…. massage mommy while she is breastfeeding

knicklas48 says:

Lose the music. Yuk

Asmolova Natalya says:

2:07 Ни в мать, ни в отца, а в заезжего молодца. ☺️

tony montana says:

I wish I could be sandwiched between two pussy's..😕

raheem liverpool says:

To be honest cats are the cutest creatures on earth

Ted Hubert Pagnanawon Crusio says:

Mom gives the kittens a meal and Dad gives a massage…

Why can't we humans do that for once in a while…

Catarina Bulaong says:

Anyone not smiling while watching this?if yes,plez refer to the doctor immediately.

ericandsarahsmom1000 says:

Cute video, awful music.

Archie ΛΓζΗιΞ says:

2:10 he is not the father btw 🤣

Audrina M. says:

This video was just heaven 😚😚

Thomas Paine says:

Maybe evolution gave cats tails to help train their young ??

Tsukikage Waon says:

You'd be crazy once finish watching this video, cuz remember you re a human or something not a cat.

Zahidur Rahman says:

their all cute



Karibe Madhura says:

Aw man absolutely loving this comilation

Бум 2 says:


Mayar Alruwaili says:


sweetgothfromhell says:


Daniel Paul says:

Mama or Papa was having his weird wanting milk again

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