Gangsta Cats Video Compilation 2016

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From cats scaring bears away, to trapping dogs under blankets, these cats have a thug life attitude that you’ll find in this gansta cats video compilation.

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Руслан Калиев says:

Get back mf…

Jeremias Gaming show says:

2:03 Sound like A Cow

BlazeLionheart says:

Cat at 4:00 should have been playing mission impossible theme music

Ashley Ihde says:

That's a really phat cat

Trillock 1945 says:

This video proves that there is no Flat Earth as some truly believe.
Because cats would have knocked everything over the edges by now……:)

WinPublisher Inc says:

This cat 4:00 can Spy area 51 and give me some photos

Sal Paradise says:

Like a boss…

Vovush says:


Brandon Weilburg says:

Misty opened doors when I was a kid

darkness woman says:

5:15 Who said that Tom cat is afraid of dog

Agvoger says:

1:46 Firulais?

Uthark Runa says:

2:40 hahaha

Nancy Davies says:

They so baaaad……..

Vau Uav says:

Cat. Parkour. Traps dog…

theartplaza says:

How impressive. A "gangsta" cat unrolls toilet paper, wow. Impressive.

anythingorz says:

Cat's learned some CQC

Someone Else says:

0:52 cat.exe has stoped working.

jamie foyers says:

I wish I'd got some of the antics of my old boy-cat down on video…he was one of a kind. I'd get a cup of mint herbal tea in a mug in the morning, drink it and he'd be after the mug once I finished it..licking around it and chasing it on the floor and there was this rosewood bowl he loved licking as well…him and his sister had many a fight over that one. Anytime I had a packet of "Polo" mints, he was after me as well, couldn't get a minute's peace!. Cats are very strange creatures at times…

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