Funny Videos Of Funny Cats Compilation 2016 [BEST OF]

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Check out these funny videos of funny cats. This compilation of funny cat videos also has funny cat fails and some funny cat vines. Try not to laugh.

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fox230 says:

Nice video!😊

I also upload animal videos

Please come and see


2:20 I remember my time with my wife when
she ask for kiss and I was like Do! You really
Want it and she pulls me towards her…😂
She was just like that cat! LOL

TheTripstraps says:

haha, cats walk like supermodels. even better:D

Rachelle Williams says:

Watch out Tira Banks..

Moeシt says:

Poor kitties don't function so well with windows or smooth surfaces.

christdragon says:

That one eating corn is amazing. I had no idea cats would eat corn. There is no need to bathe your cat they are self cleaning. Thanks.

Бог Крови says:


Ildiko Kiraly says:

6:25=real candles? ??..oh ya,"burn the cat!!!""… (oops..I meant..burn the owners,hand,instead! !)

Jack Leo says:

cats, always make me smile 🙂

Mark Sommers says:

Get a cat if you will always let it trust you ! Never make a pet cat distrust you , you will both be unhappy .

Dave Ridlespriger 2 says:

Sorry You must have me mistaken
Ma'am.. I don't we've ever met?
Keep it that way. Cause I don't talk to strangers?

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