Funny Cats

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Downloaded vids, sound effects, and threw them together with music. The cat and the cactus is my own voice.


XxBroken_GabbyxX says:

Sound effects:

My childhood

vodka's wrath says:

One word

Nostalgia 😢❤️

xEH012x says:

Was only 3 when I watched this…

Yizzack [GD] says:

My grandfather had this video on a cd


This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube…I’m having so much nostalgia…I’m gonna cry

jellyboom says:

Still find this golden video funny as it was back in the days😂😂😂

Lost Astronaut says:

I just got hit by a nostalgia wave by watching this again.

sleman says:

Wait a minute.

I remember the quality used to be higher.

some random dude says:

The good ol days

Vlaynie C. says:

found a fucking classic

Johnny says:

A good song

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