Funny cats scared of cucumbers – cat vs cucumber compilation

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Thanks for watching this funny video of cats scared of cucumbers. Try not to laugh as you watch cats vs cucumbers in this video. Cats scared of random things and one of those things is cucumbers.

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Who is here after facttezz

OptimusGaming 45 says:

Cats be like
Cats: I fear no man but that thing
*shows cucumber
Cats: It scares me

Wild Adventures says:

0:15 Cat: Screw gravity!!

Rahul Reddy says:

Donno why , but i felt this video so long

júlía kristín eyþórsdóttir says:

1:23 is me realising i have school and 2:47 is me figthing the school

raymund eddray says:

Cat: Sees cucumber

Xtried game says:

Did you know that cats fhinkbits snake thats why they are scared of then

Ugne says:

🥘 🐈. 🥒

🥒. 🥘

Aika Shimizu says:


#BEAST GAMER # says:

Domt do it they can go in coma ok

Jignesh Parmar says:

Who is try this?

Adventure Doge says:

I’ve tried this but literally my cat can hear you from miles. She just stared at me with like the look of her saying “excuse me but what exactly are you doing?” When she didn’t see me she stared at it confused. Lmao

Jatinder Singh says:

Now Try With Rubber Snake.👍🏻😂

Lil' Fizz says:

This will never not be funny

Earn Money With Junaid says:

Facttechz Ki Video Dekhke Kon Kon Aaya😁😁

Alicia Martin says:

0:04 Legend has it. The cat's still jumping till this day

Genceledu Armas 2 says:

0:16 x'''D salió volando literal xD

EliteSpecialist says:

3:20 funniest clip for me

Serious Sam says:

DISLIKED. For the fucking annoying ass music Jesus fucking Christ can anybody not post a God damn animal video without that stupid fucking retarded music? If anybody else considers posting a fucking animal video with music, here's my suggestion, get murdered🖕

Burrito Briefs says:

Cats: girls

Cucumbers: me

Robo Bagons says:

Image if people tieed strings to the cucumbers to simulate it chasing the cat hahah

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