Funny Cats in Water Video Compilation [NEW HD]

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Funny Cats and cute kittens in Water and Love Swimming. Cats that love water. Watch these adorable cats swim!


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Eyginhard Nunziato says:

Thank you for sharing. I really love dogs. 😄

TopOr says:

funny video!
come to my channel, rate!

Алексей Кечков says:


Виктория Синицына says:

Пажылейте котикоф

Devon Suggs says:

If y'all are wondering why cats hate water it's because their body temperature drops drastically when they get in water so they're freezing cold and desperate to get out

Maya Ghellal says:


Angela Markiewicz says:

inne koty lubią wode a inne nie lubią wody😀😀

Инна Карпухина says:

кошечка милаха🙂🙄

Yoshifan 3000 says:

Are they endermen?

Ольга Ткаченко says:

Вы люди плохие 😡👎👎👎

Ольга Ткаченко says:

Когда ты купался в ванночке кота зачем заголову держиш

Татьяна Татьянина says:


Wagamam Deer says:

I just get a cloth and put a bit of warm water on (my cat loves warm water) and wash his fur and get anything out

Joe Ottens says:

I feel so bad for those cats there just meowing in pain

Brighton Sutherland says:

its so funny an cat are funny too

Ирина Жамбалова says:

Какие смешные катята

Plutonita Gamer says:

69 million views

Ксюшка Милюшка says:

Дураки бедные кошки

Desiree Hoff says:

Some of these videos are kinda cruel 😥

Карина Гарашко says:


Карина Гарашко says:

Привет мена завут керина

李爱琴 says:

I feel so bad for the cat at 00:40

Mikhail Shutskij says:

Вы люди плохие!!!!!

chatchawan boon says:

The cats are so crazy.

chatchawan boon says:

They are so cute.

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