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Hilarious funny cat videos of funny cats who don’t like their owners singing. Cats hate singing in this try not to laugh funny cats compilation.

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Lala Luna says:

6:05 i hate that too 👀

Negnav123 says:

6:10 No wonder they hate when we sing, this is what they hear.

kuro chan says:

They will be the best judge in any singing contest 😂

Beah Edit says:

1:13 Maroon 5

Savannah Penn says:

8:10 can sing no teeth? Not tryna be an ass but I don’t see em

Savannah Penn says:

6:14 whale 🐳

Savannah Penn says:

4:33 ears back

Savannah Penn says:

3:02 she attacks u because it’s depressing and u sang it

Savannah Penn says:

2:49 cat gives a hickey 😂

Savannah Penn says:

1:50 not the worst singing compared to the others

Ivan Hugh says:

I would be the cat you hates "baby baby baby oh"

Adab Woomy says:

Me: watches video
Video: has barney music
Me: visibly in fear
Also me: confused screaming

Mr Kay says:

Hahaha 😻😻😻😻😻

the phutrid says:

1:09 cat be like "here we go Again"

Opus Pocus says:

The cat, better detector of bad singers! 😀

gianluca zuanazzi says:

I will cut my friends to if they bother me like that

MGTOW Guy says:

Dogs are way better than cat's…….

Cliff Llewellyn says:

3rd 1 sounded like a cat hahahaha

Jerald Ramos says:

We'll what can I say. Cat knows who has a talent and who's not 😂

encrypted insanity says:

Even cats hate bieber

fikaneauto04 fikanaruto04 says:

Simon cowell have left the chat

Last Summer says:

Most Of Research Cat Has 4x Ability to Hear Far And if They Hear So Loud They Take 4x Of your producing sound thats make them agressive

Corrine Weber says:

#4. Cat: your piano playing is bad enough; don't add your singing too!

Towfeeq AlMoshari says:

Cats are very sensitive for sounds and when it grow up in the age always looking for love, caring and relax. But from day one until one year they are like babies try to explorer anything especially the sounds… Good movie i like the clip of baby 🤗🤗🤗

bwg bwg says:

title should be:
tortured animals striking back.

Arne Timmer says:

Simon Cowell must have been a cat in an earlier life.

TMB says:

One of the cats tried to go for the vocal cords. 😂

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