Funny cat videos 2019 | 11 reasons to adopt an orange cat

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This are the best funny cat videos of 2019 ! Why to adopt an orange cat ? Here are 11 reasons to adopt a ginger cat to help you decide . Orange cats are the cutest cats and most loving cats !
Cats are little souls who love attention, so if you adopt a cat, then you will surely have a new life, more beautiful than ever. This reasons don’t apply only on orange cats, so be sure to check our video if you want reasons to adopt a cat.
We have a blast with our adopted orange kitty cat! He is a love machine who adores snuggles & bags.
We love him to pieces! He’s our little engine of joy! Watch our orange cat purring and tell us what you think! Marcel is surely one magical cat !


Who are we?
Team Purrfection – 2 adopted cats, Sica(grey cat) the meowing cat of the family, the one that doesn’t keep her mouth shut and Marcel(orange cat) the crazy cat, the one which eats everything.

What do we do?
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Team Purrfection says:


Cookie & Candy - The Chaos Cats says:

What a cute ginger kitty ^^

I am Leo the Unique says:

He is adorable ginger cat,but all stray cats deserved home鳶手手

My cats ' kingdome 堜 媟媟 says:

He is so cute and funny and sweet and adorable
Thank you for sharing 屢

Boy The Cat says:

Marcel is such an adorable little gingie…. great video

貐虛虜伊 says:

There is no reason not to love your cat.

CatsLifePhils says:

Everything's purfect…We love ginger sweetie..

Maggie and Brophy says:

Great video! Loved the beard cleaning part and the kitty eating lettuce!

superbellabeau says:

Ginger cats are great! We used to have a ginger cat called Ginge.晦

Jennifer Morales - Feline Films says:

Aww this is so precious! Such a sweet kitty!! 手手

Cat Roxy Potyike says:

I love all kitties 手手手手 yours are no exception, they are absolutely adorable and cute and precious 鳶鳶鳶鳶 awesome video again, thanks for this little masterpiece

Alvi cat channel says:

We know everyrhing about it.,,, And we know even a lot of reasons more than eleven Big like and high paw from Alvi cat

Eliza Barry says:

This is one cool cat..I enjoyed this video very much…鳶鳶鳶

Furtastic Friends says:

I love orange tabby kitties!! I've owned 2 in my lifetime. I love all kitties!! 樹梗

Licko The Siamese Cat says:

Heyyy! Just a few days ago (Sept 1st) was Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! I'm a bit late, but HAPPY GINGER CAT APPRECIATION DAY <3<3<3

D. C. says:

They are definitely contortionists

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