Funny Cat Interrupts Interviews

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Watch these cats interrupting people’s live interview on TV! The kitties basically saying that they want attention, well they got ’em! Try not to laugh challenge!

Cats are so hilarious that these funny cat videos will make you laugh so hard that your tummy hurts!
Which one is your favorite? Comment down below!

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Aditya Narayana says:

00:15 did he say that's assault? πŸ˜‚

newwavepop says:

im just telling you if i am being interviewed and my cat decides to come hang out with me, im going to hang out with my cat while im being interviewed.

Seke says:

We all love shoulder cats

Melanie Bibal says:

So cuuutee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Octavius Aurelius says:

That was a good video…! I really enjoyed it. @Kidcatdo: Thank you ever so much for the upload of that great video. Job well done!!!

Sarcastic Fellow says:

Good thing it wasn't a black cat, the cop would have choked her to death too!

Lev Kranchevko says:

The first one was like:
Papa? :3

Barrie Wright says:

I WANT ATTENTION KNOW…..! stop talking to those people and show me attention.

BitZert 07 says:

More like a cat wants to be on TV

Ayda Jiraoui says:
Watch this funny mother cat left her babies shocked

Neon Ritsu says:

Human shoulders : exist
cats: J U M P

DeciDuous Shiro says:

MeowNy People Meoasn't Expecting.


Star of The Highest Powers says:

Camera man to reporter: Camera, light, action!

Cat to camera man: Hold my spot light.

6 9 says:

Some dont know how to go with the flow in this case a cat helping you with the interview

Ai Le says:

1,2,3,5 are shoulder cats tho

TonberryGames says:

We have a lady who brings her cat into Starbucks everyday in a stroller. I made the mistake of getting on my knees to say hi and it clawed its way up my green apron

mastersadvocate says:

I was watching the horse in the background when the Russian lady and the man were being climbed on by the cat, and the horse was like: " Stop showing off, cat! "

Dan Seabreeze says:

What a beautiful little cat that black, white and bronze one!

Will B. says:

Thank God it wasn't a black cat! Would have been placed in handcuffs and charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

Galdrus Lock says:

Man… Every time I watch this that cat putting his tail over his eyes gets me every time

Overlord Soprano says:

Imagine if the cat climbed up on the professor and peed on him XD

Ketan Bhatt says:

Godfather flashbacks !

Chaska G says:


Rick Dee says:

Keep calm and cat-inue.

Motown 1966 says:

πŸ€— Fredddie Mercury would’ve gotten a kick out of this…particularly the 3rd kitty cat 🐈 b/t 1:071:51…looks just like. his beloved Delilah πŸ₯°

Peter Freestone Discussing Freddie’s kitties:

A houseguest footage of Delilah:

And Freddie’s song dedicated to her called: Delilah:

History of Freddie’s kitty cats:

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