Funny action of cats compilation 2019 – Funny Cat compilation

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Funny action of cats compilation 2019 – Funny Cat compilation

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peggy kashfi says:

This was not funny, you should call this animals being abused by stupied humans, thums down👎👎👎👎

Pony 321 says:

6:00 why does that thing stick to the cats tounge

Daniel O'Neill says:


catgoddness says:

I'm in uni and watching these videos just makes me miss my cat at home so much

Cat House says:

Like!!!!!! 😻😻😻
Look at my cats 👇🏻🙀😸

Mary Lawson says:

There are some actions in here that cat lovers don't do since they can lead to aggressive issues.

simon wang says:


nummycandygirl says:

The one at 3:17 looks sad as if it’s getting hit in the face multiple times! Not funny!

Mr Gamer says:

love cat

Vickie Lafevers says:

These cats don't enjoy this as much as you humans think they do

Aklela khan says:

So süß 😚😚😅😆👍👍👍👍

freda mary tomlinson says:

Don't like some of the videos'

My cats ' kingdome مملكة قططي says:

Very funny video,I love cats ,I have more than 26 of stray cats at home ,Please subscribe to my Channel and share my videos to help more stray cats, Thank you so much

Candace Roberts says:

Many of these aren’t funny. Cats being teased and scared is cruel.

Kevin Wang says:

Scottish Fold are always the cutest in my opinion

Ildiko Kiraly says:

Full asian,videos..they like to bully kids, hitting them or abusing them..that is their humor""""

Kaykay Plays roblox says:

AH so much cuteness around me <3

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