Funniest Cat vs Dog Fighting Videos

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Funny compilation of cats and dogs fighting.

Cats vs Dogs: The Battle of the Pets


Rafi Al Haidar says:

Cats rule dogs drule

theultimateuploader says:

@hosozoku fuck the cats! Not the dogs

neko kawaii says:

I dont like dogs…i love cats.

Kimberly Campos says:

*-* We all know dogs can kill a cat -.-

hosozoku says:


purllife6 says:

Dog owned like a boss…..

Derek Barden says:

I love dogs but that cat can throw hands

Афелия Казакова says:

Живут как кошка с собакой. Забавно…

sthrnl3al3y says:

I have a snowshoe simmies, preshin, and a calaco (sorry cant spell my key bord is small) they r so funny though! XD

Lane Baker says:

yeah if only other people knew the song kill me Yeah and i use this to get it on your pod ==>

COMPASSION2611 says:

Funnay. Dogs beware, you don't mess with a Cats Tail unless you're up for a paw across the nose. Meow!

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