Dogs Afraid of CATS ★ YOU Shall NOT Pass, DOG! [Funny Pets]

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These dogs are afraid of CATS. VERY funny video!
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Funny Pets prepared for you YOU Shall NOT Pass DOG, check it out!

So there you have it! YOU Shall NOT Pass DOG.

Big dog won’t pass cat

Evil cat won’t let dog pass

cat won’t let dog pass

Dog scared to pass because of cat

Pug Vs Cat. Ollie’s Arch Nemesis Daisy won’t let him pass. Dog Vs Cat

You Shall Not Pass . . . Dog Friend

Cat in bag scares dog!

You Shall Not Pass

Dog can’t get past cat on the stairs!!

Cat Hates Dog

Питбуль боится разбудить спящего кота

Смешные Собаки Боятся Кошек!

Dog Afraid of “You Shall Not Pass” Cat | Furry Gandalf

German Shepherd afraid of and cornered by a cat.

Dog afraid of cat

Dog afraid of cat

A big dog is scared of my cat Bento!
Great Dane afraid of cat

Norman the wiener dog is scared of the cat!

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YOU Shall NOT Pass DOG:

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Arabind says:

Girl : kitty cat is not gonna hurt u….
kitty cat : m gonna skin this sheep!

Retroprogamer rock says:

i like dogs and cats

Anonymous 101 says:

3:22 how does he know how to tipie toe?

Marcus Black says:

Cats rule and Dogs drool

i am cool says:

Me trynna get past a spider

Aamaliyah Khan says:

What are cats
Nothing but small tigers

Aamaliyah Khan says:

Cats are the best

dave h says:

That german Shepards a right pussy..

Jas Sdf says:

awful what these owners do to their dogs they buy cats then suppress their nature and teach the dog to fear an inferior animal smh

Meridien says:

The 152 dislikes are from the dogs out there who, being afraid of cats, are anonymous and are in danger of having to surrender their dog cards.

Ksenia says:

The cats have threatened them all in their sleep

Zary Doll says:

“The kitty cat’s not gonna hurt chu”

Kitty cat in defensive mode ready to attack

Julius Kartaltepe says:

3:09 that's a big some type of poodle.

Dorothy V. says:

Nothing says "No!" like a claw in the nose.

Tobiyyah says:

This is hilarious. Those big dogs are scared of a cat. They can eat them up.

Peach Over 40 says:

omg the pittie tiptoeing i just died lolz

D.J. Karbon says:

Those two cats just trapped him at 0:44

Matthias Eckert says:

I love the look of the dog: "I should come? Are you nuts? There is a cat!!!"

TheAvenger62 says:

2:37 That cat pranked/trolled the dog hiding in the bag lol

rusty wine says:

A pittie tiptoeing omggg

Alter Measure says:

That cat be like:
I'm the boss, you're a loser!

Jay Caves says:

It’s funny I guess but not so funny when you have seen an aggressive dog tear apart a cat. If the dogs really wanted to they could easily eat these cats alive.

Geo CrusherGaming says:

Cats be like " cross my path, you die"

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