Christmas Cats Video Compilation 2016

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From cats wearing a Santa costume, cats dressing up as elves, to kittens knocking over Christmas trees, these are just a few of the funny cats of Christmas you’ll find in this Christmas cats video compilation.

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Pamela Stefaniotis says:

Merry Catmus🎆


Christmas cats rule.

Valerie O'Brien says:

It's CRUEL to dress cats up. They hate it, why do this for your own selfish amusement ?

ٍ says:

Enassssssssssssss,,ssss my cat

Christine Klinger says:

Naughty kitties i have three female who love to mess with the tree. But this year i got smart and put my tree by my livingroom window although they still play with the non breakable ornaments.

Tamara Kucerova says:

Who is 12.12-24.12 2019?

Liza Hayward says:

🎄🎄🎄funniest cat vid we've ever watched!!🐱

Celina says:

You stole my idea can you please apoligise

janet hedberg says:

I love to see the mischief cats get into!

Yahul Wagoni says:

Great Christmas ornament at 1:02.

Karola Schulz says:

Hallo guten Abend ihr Hey die armen Tiere aber ist cool aber die Tiere sind wichtig als die Menschen die Liebe ich liebe die Tiere aber alles cool ich hasse so weihnachten aber was soll's aber die armen Katzen die tun mir leid was ihr da machen tut okay ich wünsche euch frohe Weihnachten frohes neues Jahr und macht weiter mit die Tiere und ciao ciao ich bin nicht jeden Tag hier drin

Layla Rudd says:

My cats summed up.

Chris Gravelle says:

I have no idea that the cat has a Santa costume and falls down

Willian van Loosbroek says:

Holycrap, best video on earth


Luly says:

Hi guys, that was a nice cat video, very cute. Mary Xmas! 😊🤗

Little Sharkey's inc says:

Lol i love the cat dressed as Santa

Koneko M says:

Who of you has a cat?

Koneko M says:

♡ Cats are so funny and SWEET ♡

Flippy x flaky Fairy tail meow says:

I love cats I talk to cats and I talk to animal

sad-ghost-kid says:

more cats in snow please!!

Cats&theKweeJack says:

we got christmas guy !

Tiny Cinnamon says:

Hey! Do a hamster video with me on it! Please!

Classic Towers says:

0:17 LOL

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