Cats Walking Funny and Thinking They are Humans

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QuestionsWithMarks says:

4:48 I died of laughter

Thomas Han says:

5:17 when the teacher is out of the classroom 😂😂

JD says:

0:59 Bruce lee vs Chuck Norris Pt.2

John McDermott says:

0:30 why the fook you have the water fountain just next to the television?

Candace and ducky says:

Guys…the more you watch this and support it and like it the more they'll be abused to do this

ItsWildcat Angel says:

1:41 Me:uhhhh this is snow not water. cat: Just keep swiming just keep swiming swimming

Mia Larsson says:

Just give ‘em a briefcase and a tie and put them to work

Seth Surgener says:

2nd video, when you let a cat watch Bruce Lee

Meme God says:

Cats are evolving

She Rode Me Hard says:

nature has lost it's balance.

ぉヴぇAkai_NekoJie says:

White cat: hey pal
Black&white cat: heyya
White cat: how ya doin' ?
Black&white cat: meh
White cat: what you mean meh? Man?
Black&white: im just lazy
White cat: stop it
Black&white cat: why??
White cat: im angry
Black&white cat: ik but why
White cat: shush
Black&white cat: no u
White cat: NO U- ….
Black&white: wut, ya wanna fight huh?


Black&white cat: k? stops standing with hind legs see ya-
White cat: teach me

Animepower 19 says:

What the song called at the very end

The L33 Channel says:

Cats (2019)

Asphyxthehedgehog says:

Purrlion be like

ck Marcus Forbes 2 says:

Nigga I'm a shark 1:53

Quantum Cosmos QC says:

5:17 is the best Lol !😀😁🙏

Palak D says:

Why they sound like babies?

Disney Animation Disney Animation says:

This is not cute or funny they get abuse for doing this

JAY YU says:

When I come home and see my cat is broken 5:20

Super Nova says:

It looks so creepy as fck

Howling Burd19 says:

0:471:21 what the hell was going on, there? 😂

Alvera Robinson says:

1:10 you don't want these problems.

xxGalaxyWolfiexx says:

1:31 mr paws!

Mayank Choudhary says:

1:00 the cat was like, "hey dawg" 😂😂

Timothy says:

“Khajiit has wares… If you have coin.”

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