Cats vs Christmas Trees | Funny Cat Videos 2018 | That Pet Life

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#cats and #christmas make for some of the most #funny moments to be witnessed. cats will always dare to climb into trees, especially when the tree is brought inside their home, I mean we’re practically asking them to do this lol. Let us know if your cat goes crazy for #christmas

Cats vs Christmas Trees | Funny Cat Videos 2018 | That Pet Life

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we've got a special friend in this video, lets see if you can 👀 spot them! hint: 🚀🧀

Josephine Ibrahim Khalaf says:

Oh i cant wait to get two kittens next month from the shelter for my 7 year old boy💙🙏💖🐱🐱

Тамара Тютвина says:


Norby Rose says:

Every like helps the toy trains r.i.p. 🙏

Heavenness Kitty says:

Guys she hit the cat with her camera 2:04

Norby Rose says:

Thank you what the family

Jeremy Brown says:

1st most people don't train there cat 2nd house cat +tree =good luck. Funny

Norby Rose says:

Now it's called a catmas tree 😺

Bonnie the bunny says:

looks like their having the best christmas ever

Kimmy says:

Oh, Christmas tree,
Oh, Christmas tree,
Your ornaments are history!

-:* Aruma YT *:- says:

"All around me are familar faces…"

slendermargo fnaf says:

Русские сдес а лукас если ты русский

Kitty Love Neko Love Forever Z&G says:

Voilà la raison pour laquelle je n'achète pas de sapin de noël parce que g des chats et aussi parce que je n'ai pas d'argent pour en mettre un

Classicgamer 68 says:

0:26 more like cat 🐈 vs toy train 🚆 then the Christmas tree 🌲 I'd say lol 😂🤣

XxDark GenjixX says:

No world’s largest continent is Russia

nadeengamal nadeengamal says:

Woman laughing like cat licking her throat off at 1:45 😏

nadeengamal nadeengamal says:

1:45 she's laughing like an evil woman my sounds of laughter it's not sound like that because this sound of woman laughter exactly like what i heard it in tv when i saw in a movie woman laughing like that same

Mark Dickman says:

I like the funny videos what is your name

Wojtek Ślęzak says:

Canada and iceland aren't any continent

ARMY LAI BLINK Yêu mãi Nguyen says:

Asia 81% ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♢♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

ARMY LAI BLINK Yêu mãi Nguyen says:

Cat my no not

Prepperjon says:

Video would have been better if you didn’t put the little fake hats on them. There are quite a few bits where the activity is obscured by the hats.

Amadeus von Beaverhausen says:

We all know what happened to the cat in Christmas Vacation, right…?😬

Not a Panther says:

Fake trees
Fake trees everywhere

Kira Kiona says:

I would have a pretty big fake Christmas tree in my house all year just for my cats When I get cats It’s good enrichment for them

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