Cats in Full Panic Mode!

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Watching our favorite felines get startled is pretty amusing so I dedicated a compilation to just that! There’s cats that get scared, cats that get terrified and horrified, pranked, or those that are simply scardy cats! Some of them try to set a new record in how high or how far they jump with the hair on their back standing straight up. Others do a little burn out in one spot before speeding off. And of course there are some kittens as well! They weren’t spared the scare. A whole lot of cats getting scared in this compilation, some old favorites, and some new feats. Enjoy the show!


Cut Man says:

!Bruh Alert!

101% Panic Reached

Yvette Longshore says:

I laugh to much.i just have to keep laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂

norakat says:

Wtf a stuffed bobcat in a home w other cats?! Real nice. Very tasteful

Daquan Gay Daddy Cousin says:

Scariest bullies ever

Paul Morphy says:

I think with the cucumbers cats have a hard wired fear of anything snake shaped…much like humans have it with anything spider shaped

RPM Internet Dose says:

2:15 such a sweet women..

Mortyy VC says:

White cat was dummy shook. Didn't know where to go

Аркадий Коломиец says:

Почему коты боятся огурцов?)

PompeyChris71 says:

Loved the last one

Jasmine Willi says:

That super Mario cat though… 🤣

Frankie Fourfngrs says:

I want a compilation video of me taking a ball bat to the skulls of everyone who thinks its funny to scream at their animals. I think it would hilarious to hear them howl in pain as I crack open their heads. Maybe we can all chuckle at that.

Cecil Pantall says:

3:00 this part killed because the cat wouldn’t stop jumping

NewEra says:

I died laughing 2 times just watching this video bruh, amazing!

yeh ehhh says:

I would love to cook those cats

Winter Burn Gacha says:

What I see: some reasons why humans have cat poop in their shoes and cats being jerks to other cats

Blitt Fire says:

1:31 that cat literally kicked the bowl at the other cat 😂😂

AceArrow6 says:

0:30 One sec lemme just start up my car real quick.

bob says:

Me when i see my dad with a belt

Jaime Rioux says:

That is look a lot like my cat Oscar.

bastian coe says:

this is the funnist i cant stop 1:53

Andrew Goulding says:

So not funny D*** head

That #1 Nightmare Foxy says:

0:48 when your controller controls your cat instead of the game

2jz Iman says:

vtec lunch on

Corner Garage Productions says:

The vast majority of these cat owners are assholes

The Truth says:


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