Cats Hate Water! – Funny Cats in Water Compilation 2019

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Cats hate taking a bath in water which makes for some really funny clips of them freaking out or saying no in a funny meow. Tons of funny cats in water videos in this compilation 2019. Enjoy! 🙂
– Cat taking bath
– Angry kitten falls into water
– Funny cat fail compilation
– kitty freaking out
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Julia Zhang says:

2:20 that lady looked like she was trying to drown the poor cat! imagine if someone 12 times your size was shoving YOUR head under water and slapping you! but the cat's expressions was priceless XD

thecloten brothers says:

That lady on 2:21 tho she act like she dont understand

Olatunde Afuwape says:

1:30 when you need help and your friends betray you

Victor Felix says:


Victor Felix says:

And the paret this sarcd THE CAT😠😠😠😠😠YOU THIS WOT GET IT

Victor Felix says:

WHY is the kid bring the cat in the water

Squishy Drama says:

The girl at 2:20 was being so mean to that CUTE cat!
I ❤️ You cats!

zeus1117 says:

Cats can’t swim idiot woman

CommanderNate900 Lol says:

5:09 outsmarted by a cat

Stinky Breakfast says:

2:18 that owner should not have a cat

Aaric Plush Studios - plush videos and gaming says:

The cat’s face looks like it’s from a live action childrens film 2:24

Strawberry Boi says:

I hope the first kid gets scratched!!!

samu turunen says:

kissa ei saa räkää sairat hullut


2:20 did she just hit that cat 0_0 tf

Jake says:

50 dislikes by fags that worship cats

Josiedotcookie J says:

After getting my cat in the water once he loved it

Lit Compilations says:

4:44 sounds like an actual kid

Jonah Kunselman says:

Do not do that

LPS•Hanucha says:

poor cat got hit :'(

Sealimperialpictures says:

Friendly reminder that you don't need to manually bathe cats

Shannon X Pennywise says:

2:20 That women's a bitch!

Pat Martinez says:

This is animal abuse

Gabriel Grgic says:

5:07 that kid deserved it

Xróçtïç YouTube says:

Cats Talk cute

Nickster65 says:

These are just the same old videos… none are new

Snata Choudhury says:

Not funny..they r scared😔😔 that one in the barrel really broke my heart

Helping Hearts AJ says:

Just a fact for you all
Cats are afraid of water because tigers and lions and all the wild cats considered them dangerous because they were the home of their enemies
Crocodiles or Alligators

Another fact: Not all cats are afraid of water in fact there’s a wildcat breed which loves to swim!

TinkyPop CornBoom says:

This is the best cat in water video!

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