Cats Don't Care Funny Pets Videos | Best Funny Cat Videos Ever

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These cats just love doing their own little thing. Come and watch as these cute cats break stuff and ignore their owner anyway they want too!

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Chris Austin says:

You really can't have nice things with a cat

Torben Meyer says:


Troll Hidden Cave says:

Don't put cats on leashes they're not stupid like dogs you can just let them outside and they're smart enough not to cross the road when a car is coming I've seen my cat do it my cat doesn't even leave my yard

Troll Hidden Cave says:

Isn't it weird that cats like being in tight spots like boxes they're like the opposite of claustrophobic

Troll Hidden Cave says:

That cat's song was pretty good

Cramuzz says:

1:53 every battle royale

itshafix says:

Ahh the true rullers of the internet

Gabriel Félix says:

1:01 "I have the high ground"

{Big fluff Bear} says:

My first cat was annoying but cute at the same time,when he was licking in my nose while i was sleeping xD

Aimée Bautista Suero says:

1:46 honestly, the lady that kicked the cat for it obviously wanting to play, should not own pets. Or at least educate herself better. She's clearly not qualified for pet owning and caring.

Ajay Helliwell says:

Cat being dragged not funny!

K-leb Harper says:

Hey what’s up, saw you were over here minding your business

Christopher Parks says:

These people can't get their cats to walk? Mine follows me through the woods. I didn't know this was a problem for cat owners.

Warlord DK says:

that cat at 4:07 :'( poor little fella being tormented like that all stressed out and uncomfortable.

Ebizzill says:

That was a good looking vase too… damn

Dawt Kom says:

3:19 the way the video cut off 💀
AND 4:54

DarkWinter8 says:

Some of these are not funny.

Sarah P says:

This is why cat people can't have nice things😼😽😸😺💛💜🤎

Nathanael Bernis says:

People just look their animal broke everything, are so dumb. I mean , what they have in their head at place of their brain.
It's for making buzz, ? Foolish.
And, after all it's their problem . Peace stay cool.

farid conde says:

Why does this channel keep compiling animal abuse videos?

C&J Here says:

I bet some of these put the cats in that situation on purpose just to record what would happen next.

Fizzy Ahmed says:

Me: 0.0

SecretlyKami l低命 says:

Okay all these comments are acting like they know the fking cat and owner to know how they're being treated.. the owners obviously. Love their cats they just have funny moments any cat person would understand these.. " it's so disrespectful calling the cat a demon blah blah blah " you obviously aren't a cat person if you say that cat owners call their cats like that sometimes when they scare them or look scary or funny I call my cat a demon when she scares me no it's not disrespectful it's literally because it's something funny or then getting scared etc.

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