Cats are super funny creatures that make us laugh – Funny cat & kitten compilation

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Cats and kittens are simply the best and funniest! They make us laugh and happy! Just look how all these cats and kittens play, sleep, sneeze, fail, get along with dogs, get their heads stuck in boxes, react to mirrors,… So funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Snare Bounce Polka, Brightly Fancy, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Sarah Merrison-McEntire says:

So. Funny

이Rahma Fitri Nurhidayah says:

2:48 I see one direction poster yeah😂😂

OnPoint TV says:

What kind of cat is the white cat in the thumbnail of this video???

Stu Pid says:

3:13 is THE BEST!

Łukasz Lach says:

Only a total idiot can laugh at a sick cat 🙁

Aiste Vanagelyte says:

you could see my funny cat! it's weird but it's hillarous!


I hate cats

Aurorapurr says:

If you love big fluffy cats, come over to our channel for some cute cat content! See you there!

SolaScripturamjc says:

Hilarious but Warning about the cat snot- NOT FUNNY!

Devil Designer says:

If You Really Love Kitty Than This T-shirt is only for you..

Nik n Nate says:

Totally hilarious bro!!!!!!!!!

Cheapy The Cheapskate says:


I am very grossed out and disturbed ._.

mah jabin says:


Zakia Ahmadi says:

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Piggy Thom says:

Most of this is abuse/neglect. Poor cats. Not funny. HUGE THUMBS DOWN!!!!

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