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hi hoomans! im rufus p goodboy and dis my yootoob channel! i has lottsa videos of doggos, good bois, cats, sleepys bois, fat bois, furry tings, floofin, blerps, bloops, and durfinitely boops. subscribe and have hekkin good time!


i has tiktok:

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i even has email too:

ps I has commercial rights to everything and always support my good boy frens.
All content is used with appropriate licenses from CollabDRM and Vin Di Bona Productions. For more information, or to license anything contained in this video please email

#rufus #animals #pets #goodboy #dogs #cats


chiemphulua ong says:

schönes Video, ich möchte deine Freunde sein, ok?

Gabril Cassio says:

I love pets😺💜🐶

Dogs Story says:

cats are always one of the most funny animals in this world!!!

Sharon Duval says:

That cat that jumped out of the tub it might have been funny to you but it was not funny to the cat. That was not funny at all. 🙁

Frances Gutierrez says:

Check your comments that link to nasty websites!

Megan Mose says:

Dang cranky lady it is your fault to leave the salt out

Megan Mose says:

That is a cat from hell

киллуа Золдик says:

Kind friend 57

Игорь Печень says:

Hard hunter 30

НЕКА says:

Pink money 13

For Work says:

Openminded mother 77

Динара Динара says:

Enthusiastic beast 75

Динара Динара says:

Enthusiastic beast 75

Cute Cats says:

Sorry, please visit this channel (the cute cats channel). I hope you enjoy it and become a friend of the channel.🌹🐾🐈🐈❤

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