Cat training: Amazing! Cats using toilet compilation 2017

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Ross Best says:

So funny they put the TP in the toilet. Cats are so smart

missingMBR says:

I'm amazed by the varying techniques.

Maurice Summers says:

Not to tweak that was gross

Maurice Summers says:


Deviant Rabbidz says:

Amazing balance

Sildental says:

Yey now make a video about funny hoomans using wc

Лера Гришина says:


YouTube Creater Oof says:

Cat in a tollet

Kowalski - Turn It On says:

this makes me want to curl one out.

John Vee says:

The cat is using too much toilet paper

Ирина Караваева says:

Зачем показывать какашки? Это не прилично!!

Almerinda Maria says:

MUITO Interessante e belo trabalho…gostei…amo gatos 5 estrelas 🌻🌟🌟🌟🌟

musikk83 says:

aha ya nice, but now i've seen everything, thx internet xD

White Region Music says:

0:47 what name cat ?

EdudLufetips says:

It's cool and all.. I mean, who wants litter all over the house and the smell of cat piss emanating from your abode (cat urine is significantly more pungent than any other pee- has to do with the fact that they are basically the only obligate carnivores and have a super high-in-nitrogen diet and thus create more ammonia/urea… sorry, tangent there)?

The problem is… this is actually bad for the ecosystem. There's a nasty, nasty bug called toxoplasma gondii that infects warm blooded animals… horses, people, dogs, etc. It doesn't cause symptoms unless your immune system is compromised or are a fetus inside of your mother's uterus, but here's the thing… there is only one family of animals in which it can actually reproduce: cats (scary fact: approximately 15-20% of the entire human population is carrying around this parasite in their muscle or nerve tissue in a dormant state!). You can get infected, but it can't multiply within you as a host…. but it can within any cat (your kitty, lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.)That's why cat feces can carry 'active' toxoplasmosis.

Why am I saying this? If you let your cat crap into the toilet (or dump cat poo into the toilet after scooping it– some people do this, especially those who use a pellet litter system), that nasty bug may get into the water supply if your cat was ever exposed to it. Toxoplasma is really good at being resistant to treatment and sanitation at plants, and thus may eventually end up in the sea. Warm blooded marine animals have gotten sick and died because of exposure to toxoplasmosis coming from cats and ending up in the sea. It has affected whales, dolphins, seals, manatees, etc. but sea otters seem particularly susceptible and many of this endangered species has been lost unnecessarily to toxoplasmosis.

There are many ingenious methods of managing an indoor cat's pee/poo situation that greatly reduce the problems associated with litter boxes, tracking, pungent urine smells, constant scooping and cleaning, etc. that avoid letting cat poo, and thus potentially toxoplasma gondii, into the environment and negatively impacting our beautiful world.

Let's all do our part!

kemper jos says:

Pinta kucing

Lydia Erickson says:

Welp. I’m on the weird side of YouTube again.

Emma Pardino says:

So cute very well educated. Smart cats.

Wallas William Wallas says:

La mierda de gato es comestible?

אורין וריי ריי says:


UKPurplePanther says:

When they have diarrhoea it must spray everywhere 🤢

Catalina Abbatte says:

we that's ew

RAVI Pathak says:

Wow, funny and lovely video.. Liked #132

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