Best Funny cat and kitten – TOP Funniest cats in the world videos Compilation 2016

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Best Funny cat and kitten, TOP Funniest cats in the world videos Compilation. Funny cats and kittens funniest videos! They make us laugh and happy! Just look how all these cats play, sleep, sneeze, get along with dogs, react to mirrors. So funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch other videos! TOP funniest cats in the world videos Compilation 2016.


Nick Bundy says:

Life is too short to give up with these kitties

the man in the chicken costume says:

3:44 when you realise it's only been 5 mins in school

Diana Dobson says:

Pretty much funny but I don't like to see animals with things on their heads

Aaron Hammel says:

Wow… This included a lot of bad videos. You can tell who the bad owners are who laughed when they should have shown concern. No one's perfect, but these are some bad examples.

Arissa Nasuha says:

Hahaha Hihihi Huhuhu 😂

Adadad A11 says:



Diafatn Diafatn says:

القطط راءع🐈🐱

Betty Nugs says:

First let me begin by saying " People all over the world do it". and laugh their behinds off. while they are watching… And that is either putting a bag, a box, etc. over their cats heads and watch while the pour thing is trying madly to get out of it. They sometimes run away in a panic then smash into whatever., I`m here to tell you-all that this is bad! I will speek for them as they have told me many times it really stresses them out. Another is tying something to their tail. This is bad! they get to going so fast trying so bad to catch whatever it is they can scramble their brains to the point of never being the same again. I have seen a cat that never came back to the plase he was before. Now for the #1 no, no, and again people all over do it and laugh wildley watching it, And that is those lazier pointers. OMG! this nasty little thing is sold at all the pet stores. This can send a cat into an epileptic fit, or worse. I have watched a cat after someone was playing with him with the lazier pointer and after that , He ( the cat) would be sitting or laying down and his eyes would be bouncing all around . like he couldn`t see . It was sad to see. So on the scale of things maybe dressing your cat in clothes really isn`t that damaging. Where i lived where there were dogs. So i thought about those hsrnesses you can buy for your pet so as to keep them on a leash, (not to keep them from running away) but to keep them safe. Sorry, but long story short is that is was pretty funny watching them just fall over when i would put the herness on them take them out in the driveway, set thwm on the grrond, they wouldn`t move, they would just roll over onto their sides. but i don`t believe it was going to scare them for life. But, man it was funny. So don`t get me wrong i enjoy my animals like the next guy watching them do stupid things. But please find other toys that are far less harmful to them. love and respect your pets….. Love and laughter…..

marvin pairs says:

that is funny cat😂!!!

francine blobel says:

Je ne parle que le français,. Bien

specialgifts LA says:

The bath one was like twister…😂😂

adriana roldan says:

eso le tubo que doler al pobre gatito 5:44

Rhooom Reham says:


Rita Laubach says:


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