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December brings dank cat memes of 2019 to make you happy. This compilation includes the best funny cats videos you can find. Pet Ninja is the number one source for the funniest kitty cat videos.

KittyCatMeow Cat Memes:

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{ Skyler》 says:


no seriously help-

Peni Culi says:

I like The part were The cat drank from the fukin toilet😂😂🤣🤣

Talli Gadon says:

I love the black kitty in the water 🙂 and I'm a large 🙂

Erica says:

Fave ones in this vid:
1. 0:10 cat auto tune
2. 4:10 open mouth cat
3. 6:13 cat lamp
4. 10:00 sleepy cat is a mood
*i wanna win that viral cat t-shirt! 🐈

Bacon Goddess says:

Me : dogs are so weird
Cat at 6:02 : hold my lamp

Bacon Goddess says:

4:09 i laughed so hard i farted

チールアンCilluan says:

Everyclip in this video is my favorite 🙂 love ya <3

fortnite peruna says:

First was My fav

Tony Arzola says:

First first one of. Them where the cat meow a long time and and it gets funnier

myles the ultra cat says:

I liked it when the cat couldnt let go on the persons hand

Dexter Newman says:

Man look at that water bowl with perfect water in it but you're drinking out the fucking toilet is my go

MLG21212121 says:

First one to like

Michael Artz says:

My favorite clip was the cat in the snapchat filter

Common sense 4life says:

Love at its finest point <3

Laura Gadille says:

The cat is glowing literally

Laura Gadille says:

If you put the toilet seat down the cats won't drink out of them. Duh

How I live In my live whit my favrit dogs says:

Greet job no dislikes

VPLS says:

Cats are a good entertainiment, we can see they for hours and not be bored

TheToxxikSylveon says:

My favorite one was the third one and 5:06

TheToxxikSylveon says:

That first one made me die of laughter.
That third one brought me back to life with cuteness.

Matteo Plessl says:


Darknesiya Eins says:

I am just at minute 2.. and iamnot sure.. am i melting, couse cuteness overload, or am i struggeling to breath, couse loughing. XD

legendary Panther gaming says:

My favorite clip is the one where he tries to drink out of a fish bowl but the fish jump at the cat

Mr Np says:

My best clip is #4 / 0:36 😂🐈❤ <3 You are my best Youtuber❤ And Cat Shirt is very very cool!👕🐈 Can i win Giveaway?🐈❤

Princess Lupi says:

@1:00 kitty get'n skippity papped by that goldfish. LOL.😂

Tempest Shadow says:

The first one made me cry and I died of laughter

Yes, this is tempest's ghost

Rage _Toust says:

My favorite clip was when the cat was drinking water from the toilet

metehan Ulutas says:

İts my favorite your videos

Sky_84 says:

2:52 is my favorite clip :3

metehan Ulutas says:

Im coming :
25 dk

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