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Presenting the best dank cat memes compilation of 2020. The new year brings videos of funny cats and cute kittens to make your days better. Pet Ninja supplies the funniest kitty videos ever known to the internet. Enjoy!

KittyCatMeow Cat Memes:

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Robert Butler says:

BY FAR BEST and MOST cute video not that ur vidz r bad its just good

Sarah Johnson says:

i like the 1st

Diane Courtoreille says:

1:43 THE CAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul Rani says:

My favourite video is a cat sleeping with their eyes open and opening their mouth

[[٭𖤍٭سـّـِيـفــَۦۨۦۨ آلـولـۦۨـۨــۦۨۦۨـيـد٭𖤍٭]] says:


محترف الاجهزه/ says:

Best animal is cat 😍😍😍😻😻😻😻

Crystal Adams says:

Love the kitty wirh his face in the tree

Evil Sausage says:

Shut the fuck up Pet Ninja, you're not Cowbelly. You stay the fuck shut up.

ArtWave1735 says:

My favorite cat vidéo is eeeaaaooo

Pomba Ga6 says:

I like the mario kart cat

Izziedora Dora says:

Love the cab it.

Navaneetha Poojary says:

It was funny😂.. but I personally didn't like it from 8.11 as the voice over started from the loaf to pspspsps.. 😕

Jasi Oman says:

Wondering designer 15

Pato aburrido :,v says:

4:23 WTF xD

Irek Gariev says:

Enthusiastic designer 77

Жаркылбек Сагин says:

Poetic teacher 22

Snowman Seven says:

This is enjoyable.

ami001a says:

Openminded warrior 89

Артём Ковалёв says:

Athletic teacher 26

Moto Sport says:

Kind advocat 62

Адилет Сай says:

Brave advocat 70

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