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The best cat memes compilation of 2020. Pet Ninja presents a video filled with cute and funny cats that we all want to own. Subscribe to our channel for weekly videos of kittycats.

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Chloe Peart says:

omg cats love you cats

Sean- izard says:

9:06 wait, that sounds familiar……

Dimi 5 says:

Je suis le seul français😁

Hussain Bu Khamseen says:

what is the name of that song at 9:06 to 9:25 ?!

Leora Jim says:

Cat fan

Furkan Karaarslan says:

bu kanal Türk mü la, türkse nolur geri dön bana çok merak ettim.

Hayden Newell says:

That sounds like a air shoft gun

Irli Jaime says:


pat gore says:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cout

Seeker 1981 says:

That was the best damn RKO i ever seen!!! Randy Orton your replacement has been spotted!!!!

꧁i͜͡m͜͡a͜͡c͜͡a͜͡t͜͡ h͜͡i͜͡꧂ says:

1st one after the intro he be like bish what did I do

Blackout 360 says:

Pls do more bro

Türkman 4328 says:

The 30th comment hi

It's Riley says:

@petninja You are my fav youtuber. Even if he doesnt like, he loves his fans(and cats)

Naciye Karanfiller says:

Guys you niye to love animals and little animals and we nite to love and i love cats to 😍🥰🥰❤❤❤

Naciye Karanfiller says:

I love cats and there are cute and funny vedeo even i sis but i love iy

Rekka_Kien says:

wonder what it's like to be a cat…

İbrahim Efe Ceyhan says:

aga türk müsün

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