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Enjoy the best cat fails compilation of 2020 from Pet Ninja. This video includes the funniest cats out here. Some are cute, others are funny. But all of these kittens are adorable! Check out more animal videos and fails on my channel.

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Tempest Shadow says:

Everybody gangsta til the REAL gangsta uploads a video

Kimberly Sevastyanenko says:

What the heck happened with the cat @ 4:00?

Eve the Gacha tuber says:

At 7:38 was that bug thing real?

At 8:38 the cats eyes were so cute

Miss AK says:

5:16 Lulu!! 😍😍😂😂

Bobby Lee says:

Dog boops the cats face in the snow!

johanna vulquin says:

I love cats and this video is really funny because at least this video does not put animal suffering continuous as its you are the best.
By the way I put the likes.

Kacper Niemczyk says:

5:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣best

Koku FA says:

Lulu is here

Karen Ritter says:

Snow leopard and black cats are my favorite

Beth says:

Think my favorite is the cat stuck in the mini blind cord. Which is why I have cordless blinds. Lol The kitten with the centipede thing is adorable tho. Gotta get one of those for my cat!

Erin McNeice says:

Funny thing how the cat Is dancing I like all the videos

Domanic’s biggest Fan says:

Sniff it yep I peed here smacks cats face into it oops i also pooped there

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