AWOLNATION 'Sail' and Funny Cats

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Hope you all Enjoy this Awolnation compilation. I also created a Dog version… so feel free and check it out with the link below. Equally as funny!

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coik lester says:

OMG, it is so funny and cute at the same time 🙂

Rockit says:

The Cat Commited Suicide And Your Laughing Putting it in a Freakin Vine helllllll NAW!

SuperMan INFINITE 2 says:

0:50 the funiest thing ever

Sunset GD says:

0:47 The epic fight music goes purrfectly with this clip
(Yes I spelled perfectly wrong on purpose.)

you ded son Gilberto says:

I was looking for this for 2 whole years the search started when I was 8

Mike Galland says:

1.54 the good stuff

Melissa Selvidge says:

Sailllllllll xD memes are the best

Melissa Selvidge says:

Love cat and the song sail

Y*E*E*T says:

My dad sent me the link to this video…..

Julia Varner says:

Go to hell that one cat that got kicked could of been seriously injured its not funny

Adriean olesnavage says:

Guy just yeets his cat some how it lives me 😑

BAD BAD says:

1:21 💗

UltraXen says:

No cats were harmed during the filming.

Jalissia Roberson says:

You ok

PokePika Plays Games says:

1:29 when you need to get to bed but fall asleep right before you get there

Dxsty Roses says:

If we did not have cats, what would YouTube be?

70mjc says:

That bipedal cat walk is freaky af

PiXXels Gang says:

1:21 bro thats FUNNY BROOOO

Alfio Torrisi says:

Shitty video

Hungry Puma2388 says:

0:29 cat run fail

Gacha Norik says:

1:01 me when i see anipopriate movie stuff 1:06 me when i watch scary movies 2:46 when my jam is in the BoOm Box

Mary Beth Tumlin says:

0:53 spear

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