🤣Funniest Cats😾 and Dogs 🐶 NINJA CAT vs DOG – WHO WINs ?

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🤣Funniest Cats😾 and Dogs 🐶 NINJA CAT vs DOG – WHO WINs ?
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Linda Osborne says:

Sure that first dog is enjoying the attention !! X

Animal Is Friend says:

Haha so funny of them😂 Cute!

Piotr Sulikowski says:

Koty to dranie. Hi hi. Ale slodkie

Арина До says:

we are cat_pions my friends!

deanna woods says:

I love to see dogs and cats interacting with each other. It's so cute.

Deepa Lall says:

It’s not funny how some dog owners are encouraging the dogs to attack cats.Cats are far more sensitive than dogs,don’t stress them unnecessarily.

Norma González says:

Adorables y divertidos 😼💖🐕

Teresinha Almeida says:

Que coisa mais fofa…amooooooo

Agnes Strzykowska says:

At my house: 2 cats v. 2 dogs…7 kg v… about 70kg… Cats always win😁

Cat Diaz says:

I love it when my cat plays with my dog (: so cute

silvia kapfinger says:


lea kookie says:

4:14 I see boxing talent:'
5:17 I thought they were dolls:'D

Алмас Курманов says:

красивый пёс 1:40

Cosmina Brumar says:

Cats super!

Sylvia Godsmith says:

Kitty: I'm Death!
Meanwhile Doggo: aww! That's cute!

Safa Yaza says:

The cat😻

Kara M says:

The cats are so funny. Theyre so much smarter and cuter then dogs.

Nikita Potemkin says:

Alive savior 58

Вова Путин says:

Crazy eagle 92

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