Unexpected Cat – Funny animal jump, fall videos Compilation

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Try Not To Laugh, Unexpected Funny cat and animal jump, fall compilation. TOP best Funny cats and kittens funniest videos about animal! They make us laugh and be a little kinder to Pets, at least for a couple of hours!. Videos compilation 2017.


Вика Котикова says:

Эти видео волшебные! На других видео с котами я сижу с каменным лицом а тут я не могу остановиться ржать )))

Cristian Alejandro Andrade Andrade says:

😍😍😍😍😍 jajajajaja

Melissa Mullinicks says:

Hi I love when the cats fall in the tub

Colin Nilsson says:

Das mit dem Puma war nicht wizig 😭

Kijara Gak says:


sokip pha says:

Am the 20001 subscriber

Kristina Rodriguez says:

2:22 my 🐈 does that all the time

⟨ՌͲω⟩༒ᛕٱกو ƈคρค༒ says:

I love cats

Vasilena Popstoyanova says:



O grow up. It was harmless fun.


A girlfriend of mine had the clumsiest cat in the world. After a spectacular incident ,it would straighten up and GLARE at anyone around as if to say THAT WAS YOUR FAULT! then to teach some humility she'd put a small bit of masking tape on each paw and 1 under the tail..hours of fun.!

Job Ruijten says:

Umm doc? I think my cat broke… cat/hate_water.EXE is not responding

Pat rik says:

8:19 please stop

༒𐂃EIWolFboy𐂃༒ 746 says:

Volver,ya pasaron 2 años y ni subis videos :'

Janelle Horne says:

And the waters dirty it's toilet water

CortezVlogs says:

it too funny much better than the cats we have

Khadija Hakimi says:

4:43 il a crier comme mon chat

Sophia Parker says:

hi I am SophiaBaileyParker ago 8 .

Rangel Leon says:


O oF says:

r.i.p barbie drowned

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