Turtle / Tortoise – A Funny Turtle And Cute Turtle Videos Compilation 2017

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Turtle / Tortoise – A Funny Turtle And Cute Turtle Videos Compilation 2017
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Jacob Peterson says:

I can't believe somebody careless enough to give a cigarette to a tortoise. Completely ruined the video for me.

Stacey Wilson says:


Yasss MLP says:

Some of these are plain animal abuse and it needs to stop

Fresh Hetai says:

The Cig was fake

Jorujo Burūno ジョルジョ・ブルーノ says:

Eating the fruits 🙂

i breathe bangtwiceariana says:

look how happy they would be if we don’t litter

mommy and slendrina says:

Teaching a turtle how to run

uwu ari 私を助けてください says:

I just got my turtle (Aka Kayla) and I’m literally making her watch this xD

Saasan says:

I am absolutely positive that first clip did not end well.

Jad Deiranieh says:

That’s so mean

F the person that did that

That isn’t even funny

Yahia Alaref says:

Turtle say swag

Flynn Sirwin says:

00:00 why the hell whould you do that to that poor turtle

The Dude says:

Jokes aside,turtles can actually be faster than you’d think

Dunkn says:

2:49 that's not funny

N Roder says:


Not a single living breathing soul:

Turtle:I am s p e e d



Misioczi Misio says:

Turtles it is not toy fucking people!!!!

Turtle Queen says:

I could watch this all day! Mah baby turtles! Dont disrespect my turtles! Including u mr baddude letting a turtle smoke a cigarette!!!!!!!

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