Top Funny Hippo and Baby Hippo Videos Compilation 2017 [BEST OF] – Cute Animals

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Hippos and baby hippos particularly are very funny and cute animals. Funny hippo videos for kids and for children, as well for their parents. Check out this cutest and funniest hippo videos compilation and enjoy! 🙂
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Libby Quiroz says:

Cute but not funny

Yuriy Gusev says:

Хачу гиппёныша!!

54markl says:

Whales are descended from hippos.

Bach Tran says:

I love all animals ❤🙏

Ronielle says:

its not that funny, but i do enjoy this video!

Hippo potamus says:

My cousins!

Ronielle says:

The smaller hippos are more cuter!

Nathan Sanchez says:

I'd be scared shitless if was standing in front of a hippo that had its mouth wide open.

Ronielle says:

The skunk is the best of the whole thing and it has to do about the same thing that we are in a difficult position and the result of a number who are in a position where we have a blue eyes is a great deal to get to a club where we are not the best I have ever had to play in a car and I love it and how I can play this season I think it's the right time and it will have to pay the bills and he is doing a good life and we are not the only one who is going through a tough game but he has a light

DillPickle Guzman says:

Baby hippos are sooo cute

Ronielle says:

Beware of hippos

samsung account says:

Мамин любимый цветочек!!!!

Denise Bethany says:

Their skin looks like waxed fruit. Crazy looking animals, but cute.

Marline Harrold says:

Cool. Thanks. 🙂

Invictus Prima says:

Nothing says cute like being eaten alive

Anne Maude says:

Merci j'aime 😍🎶👏

Cany shan// says:

My sister she is 8 and she loves hippos this made her day 🙂

kathy williams says:

I like the video, very nice.

kathy williams says:

Hippos are very intelligent, & strong! like a powerful tank.

Clive Nyathi says:

cute baby killers

cyrillecorinne says:

Amour hippopotame 😄

Maggie Claire says:

I like when I see baby hippos bc when I see them I laugh bc my family went to the zoo and this baby hippo it looked like it was dancing but he opened his mouth and a fish went into his mouth and the fish came in out and the hippo hit his head on the mom and the mom fell into the water oh and the hippo we're about of the water it was funny and fun when we went to the zoo I laughed sooooooooo hard.😂😆🤣😃

No Soucy says:

I like the music !!! Who made this ?

Елена Байнова says:

Жирнюхи какие))) fat))

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