Top 10 Funny Monkeys Behaving Like Humans – Try Not To Laugh Challenge || Monkey Videos

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Top 10 funny monkey videos of funny monkeys behaving like humans. Monkeys acting like humans in this funny animals behaving like humans compilation. Try not to laugh challenge.

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Rae 13 says:

The first monkey be like "maaaan fuh dis shit. I said no homo"

Shura Gaming says:

1:22 looks like me in bed doing fb hahaha

4:08 i need this dude haha

4:36 okay this one is way too off the scale ..why? i cant even play ping pong and this monkey literally just beats his opponent .i mean dude! wtf?

The Internet's Memelord says:

4:52 this boi better close dem legs

Target Precise says:

The first one the were kissing him I thought

Gabriela Rivera says:

Minuto 4:53 pensรณ que era paleta jahja

Bungo says:

That fucking description

J FIzzLE says:

So you think it's right to give primates tablets and think that's cool!SMFH!!

Mathilda says:

That chimp's ping pong game waaay stronger than mine lol

Rebecca Chaudhary says:

The last one is animal abuse ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ 

Abigail Van Niekerk says:


HorrorPleb says:

4:22 well guess we know whos going to win the next tennis tournament XD

samadplays games says:


Makeup Addict says:

2:26 is that a complete hairless primate or a man in a rubber ape suit

Bailey Green says:

Monkeys are the next humans……..weโ€™ll see if there better than us…..

MzT Hunt says:

This is very interesting to watch

Smoke N Fire says:

1:16 I REALLY WANT A MONKEY AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO MAN!! but the monkey will portray me and kill me and eat me………

Vedang Pathak says:

1:46 I am sure that this can only happens in south asia (Indian subcontinent)

Peggy says:

I'm pretty sure that the humans that hurt them so much reincarnated as chimpanzee for punishment

Rasik Bhoir says:

Intelligent than Me๐Ÿ’ฏ

TOSCHE says:

Pervert how those intelligent creatures are treated in the video. Those are no pets!

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