The FUNNIEST ANIMALS of 2019 – Bet you will laugh all day!

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Just watch all those animals! Mini pigs, lamas, rabbits , bunnies, cows, horses, parrots, raccoons, tortoises, ferrets,… These animals are so super funny that you will laugh all day long. Only the best, funniest and most hilarious videos! What is your favorite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Jordan Vas says:

Pray God to save animals from destruction as Jesus saved all the peoples frm sins,death,hell,satan by His death n resurrection. C Jesus saves in Google!.

Akansha Uchiha says:

my pet : * blinks*
me : loses my mind over them just being alive

Joyce Blodgett says:

Nothing worthy of laughter, really, not when so many animals are getting hurt. And "laugh all day"? "Impossible to survive…"? Idiot.

Ormi Ader says:

Majority of these are not funny at all.

Bozena Sawera says:


Connie Weisman says:

3 puppies beating up a cat trying very hard to get away, not funny at all.

E. T. says:

4:30 what was that?

A. H. says:

0.30 min. Poor cat!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid humans…

Sean Brennan says:

Thanks for the laughs!

Angela Enrick says:

So cute all of God playful creatures……a funny video…lol

Sarah holland says:

3puppies (all bigger than it) on one tiny cat (approx only 6months going by its size,) isn't funny. They could really hurt it.

Tina Mcintyre says:

How do you stand by and let an animal hurt another animal i don’t get it 👎😿😾🇬🇧

John Gable says:

why ruin with music?

MyBackYardParrots says:

Not funny. Those 3 puppies ganging up on that kitten is NOT funny. They can seriously hurt it, if they have not already killed it😕

Carolyn Sproule says:

I love you 😘

Nashvillain says:

*Squints…Reads title*
But…but it's only February 12, 2019, how can…oh, nvm

Laura Gadille says:

Squeak, squeak what do you want lol

D-Y M says:

Thanks for the sharing.
In the 1st half of the clip, where there is music background we find that music is much too loud.
Why put music on this clip, anyway?

Peter N says:

7:37 the dog wants her to come outside and play. Stupid owner can't figure that out.

Era di marzo says:

Non si deve lasciare che i cani aggrediscano un gatto anche solo per gioco il gatto rimane stressato e spaventato come ho visto nel filmato di cuccioli di cane che aggrediscono un gatto non e divertente ne salutare per il micio 😒

Heléne HarIngenMedAttGöra says:

02:30 – Cat: Dont mess with me you annoying dog!!.. 😮 >:c Dog: :s Sorry *attack again*'

YUKI INU says:

mostly cats bring cats, not the most funny video.

Phillip Wolf says:

Cats @6:19, hey man we don’t do that tail chasing bullshit like dogs do,, wtf wrong wit you??

Annu Maurya says:

Sooo cute😊😊👌

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