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Bet you haven’t seen funnier animal videos than these! You will laugh so hard that you will fall out of your chair! Animals are the best entertainment in the World! They never fail to make us happy and smile! Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, lizard, squirrel,… play, fail, make funny sounds, get along with other animals,… So funny and cute! TRY NOT TO LAUGH! What is your favorite clip? Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Tiger FunnyWorks says:

Hilarious DOG in the hardest ESCAPE ROOM, tricky MIRROR MAZE! Watch dog's funny reaction and escape:

Hello says:

Who allows a dog to walk on their dining table?

Beth Eden says:

Disgusting dog on dinner table, what's wrong with these people

Oneil Campbell says:

Dog doing yoga

Stephen Morgan says:

Legend has it it was the last time Kramer ever had chicken or anything to eat ever again

Anne Corey says:

Very funny and cute dogs and cats love them all very much thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love your pets thanks

Mary Zambrana says:

The Great Danes rule. BUT the guy pulling one out of the water by the collar was not funny.

Luisa Hermanowyc says:

Gato masajes.perrito
Diermind haciendo egerciosios otro vuelta cama muestra su d

weaton25 says:

That first picture was staged to get people to look at this video to make money from all of the views if youtube had any morels it would ban these conning people but they are just in it for the money to.

Becky Jacobsen says:

Love the baby and the ferret.

Joanne Jackson says:

This is not funny. It is mainly people not knowing how to treat their animals with care and respect.

Jeanette Kniebusch says:

Why is there a black video strip of words covering the cats face getting a back rub couldnt see vidro cats face blocjed entire time how innane! We want to see the video unabstructed!

Jenny Animal says:

I'm loving the piano music in this video.

ThePartienmer says:

It i was the dog i'll F… you !

1Jack Valley says:

I wish the lady that was telling her little dog to get in the kennel would speak to the poor dog with some compassion and care. She talked to him like she honestly HATES THE DOG. I hope she finds a loving home for the sweet dog, he deserves so much better!!

Tish Kruger says:

The woman that keeps saying "Kramer no" Kramer get off there" but don't take him away should not have animals. She's not a responsible owner!

G L says:

I swear people kill me.. there are many cute videos to bring laughter or joy for 10 minutes of your life. And there's a handfuls that picks apart the video just because they wanna be Negative Nancy! Smh.. during a pandemic and still misery loves company this video is the cutest thing I've seen! 2 to the person who uploaded this!

connie provolone says:

First one doesn't show what the dog did that deserves the pup to be put in a kennel.

Jd H says:

Keeping the nut from the chipmunk was shitty.

doggzilla blk says:

Are meowing and bow wowing friends are the best

Love's Higher Mind says:

The one with the dog eating the little boy's dinner…not funny. Lil boy was being taught learned helplessesness from abusive mom. How hard would it be to take the plate from the dog? Its not rocket science. Otherwise, a delightful compilation! Cheers! (Down with bad moms!)

Fiona Harvey says:

Some of these are cruel. What's with the fat guy tying a balloon to the dog's collar?

cami vall says:

The cat petting the puppy 歹

Adrianne Merideth says:

Could have done without the racist music badly played. AKA The Dark Town Strutters Ball.

fausto minuzzo says:

Ciao a tutti,
Troppo forte e bello.
Date una carezza a Tutti i vostri "compagni" di vita.
Grazie, Fausto (Roma, Italia) 2 set 2020 _ 11:50
Vi siete meritati la mia iscrizione!

gigi vh says:

Like the dog doing yoga pose min. 1:43….

Siegrid Thomas says:

Some of these videos are NOT FUNNY AT ALL ……!

Alex Matwick says:

How does one "get ready?"

Vicki Hammond says:

I'm skipping over your so called funny animal videos. For one they're NOT FUNNY. IT should be call stupid pet owners video. I don't laugh when I see a pet being abused in any way. Shame on you all. I have pets all my life and them being stressed out, being in blind cords and plastic bags isn't funny. Would you let you kid play in a blind cord or play with a plastic bag ??????? NO YOU WOULDN'T SO WHY WOULD YOU LET YOUR PET PLAY WITH THEM ????????? IDIOTS. I GUESS YOU JUST CANT FIX STUPID. I REFUSE TO WATCH THIS CRAP. Bye forever !!!!!! NO LIKES AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

William says:

Animals are so much cooler than humans

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