Rescued Dogs IQ Tested: Try not to laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿถ funny animal

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These videos are the best! Zoey,
Flip, and snoop get IQ tested to see how smart they are. Nothing better than funny animal videos. Wait till you see these crazy dogs. Try not to laugh
Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy nominated host and creator of The CWโ€™s SAVE our SHELTER in addition to pet dad to multiple rescue dogs. Rocky also has a passion cooking and baking for dogs and is the founder of

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Hi, I am Rocky Kanaka and I am really excited to bring you season 2 of the daily vlog. Tune in every weekday! Comment below (I respond!) with any thoughts, questions, or if you love dogs as much as I do.

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the dodo


Jaime Prince says:

were the cup's bigger when flip did the cup trick?

CrayToons says:

My dog is emotionally smart

Jade Dark says:

Clips so cure

Adelle Telino says:

All are smart.

Gail Clark says:

That ending made me laugh so hard I cried with flip talking

Kaylee Ortega says:

my dog is smart

Heather King says:

Cute good idea

Lazr MeMe 2.0 says:

Emotionly smart my dog scout is and my old dog just smart R.I.P fudge my dog scout when I say mum or my mum says go to mum he say mum like he is screaming/barking and he loves treats and he is so cute when I show him a video mostly of yours and you are awesome you are great for helping dogs๐Ÿ˜Šscout can not even sit when I tell him to weird he is smart but not smart I hope you help more dogs love what you do bye

Mary Goodwin says:

Rocky. Your dogs are fun to watch, especially when there's competition and dad's right in the middle of it!

olivia w says:

anytime someone edits their videos with their dogs in them , my mind goes straight to brooke

Rover140 says:

My dog did the first test in 1.69 seconds, the second one in 31.72 and the third in 6.33 seconds

Dave the cat says:

My cat is clever but I don't have any dogs.

saltyslush _ says:

on the treat test – my dog loves playing with kinder eggs, tried putting treats in it. she's just stare at it til someone opened(something she can open) the one with the treats

Breanna Torres says:

Sadly I have to keep my dog outside and I didnt potty train him and he was a stray but we got him and kept him and when I let him in the house bc it's too hot outside he never pees inside but always outside and he shows signs like going to the door and scratching it and it's amazing how he has never ever peed in the house for 3 years and always outside

Chiara's PlayDay says:

My dog is not smart but my dog is super smart

Cynthia Ring says:

I just discovered your channel but I really love it. So amazing! Thank you for all you do. I have 3 dogs, 2 boys & 1 girl – Midnight, Moose & Miss Molly. My 3 are all smart but in different ways lol Midnight is the oldest – he's a black lab (13 years old) and he's our "Wise" elder, he's top dog lol He's been around the block, he knows what he has to do to get the treats. He's the first to sit, first to lie down etc… it's all about the food/treats for him lol Moose (Lab/Boxer Mix), he's 7 and he's the middle child. He's smart but he's just so sweet and empathetic – he can sense your mood and he's the first to cuddle when you're feeling down and first to perk up when he knows you're happy and in the mood to play, he's always game for whatever! He knows the basic sit, stay, lay down but he pays close attention to what Midnight & Molly does before he does it, just to see what the other two do to make sure he's doing the right thing lol He's basically the copycat/cheating off the other dogs tests in the classroom. He can do the activity but he copies lol Molly (Terrier/Westie Mix) is the princess, she's the diva and she's in charge, she knows it she just lets Midnight THINK he's the alpha/top dog because he's the elder. She's the youngest at 4 years old. Molly is clever, she clearly has a thought process, you can almost see the gears working in her head. She observes the boys, tilts her head and clearly thinks about what they're doing and doesn't always get involved, but she's watching. She's always getting into something but she's the first to clear the scene of the crime and lets the boys take the blame if something goes wrong so her reputation/image isn't tarnished. She thinks I don't know this but I have my suspicions. I know she was part of the trash can debacle that happened a few weeks ago in our house. I know she was lead instigator, she just knew when to flee the scene and leave no trace lol She was involved and I know it, but when I went to question her she was in her usual spot on the top of the couch cushion behind Dad's head with that "What? I had nothing to do with it" look on her face… All 3 of mine are smart in their own distinct way. Love the channel, I'm going to keep binge-watching them now ๐Ÿ™‚

Tyler Jancus says:

He should have added all the times together for the ending

โ€ขXxRagingamergirlxXโ€ข says:

Just looking at flip makes me cry because he almost looks like my dog that got put down last year

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