Llama Love | Funny Animal Video Compilation

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If you are obsessed with llamas, you’ve landed on the right video! With their long necks, cute faces and spit, llamas are the most hilarious animals ever!

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mariah says:

I got a llama bed room😍😍😍😍😍😍


I love this animal

Kate says:

What’s shocking is people getting surprised when they get spat on. Don’t people know what Llamas do?? I would never go anywhere near these animals. They are untrainable and vicious.

benisisballin says:

Llamas look more like hippies than hippies look like hipppies

John Smith says:

All that's missing is the traveler guy in Minecraft that always rolls with two of them.

Goblin the Boblin says:

2:14 am I mean for wishing he had spat on her?

Giulia De Matteo says:

beautiful 😍😍😍

Mekhi Srey says:

Where's Carl???

Asia Haynes says:

I love it!!!!!!!!! OMG llamas are soooooo cute!!!! πŸ™‚

Arista says:

I’m obsessed with llamas πŸ¦™ ! I want one!!

suburbio zero says:

Yay for Llamas! Love them! Not all spit at people and some might be very nice and let themselves be petted. But you have to know them and mostly, let them know you. But beware of the ears back down, spit might be coming on your way XD

Ramadhar Rathore says:

woh are live

carddamom says:

At 1:10 we have Houldini

Randomness for life Bru says:

1:10 that’s a alpaca

Troy Fantom says:

Me when I see a Llama: HAPPINES NOISES

Rohith Augustine says:

Llamas are so dumb lol

livingforlams YT says:

Llamas are so cute and derpy and weird, its adorable how just .akward they are, cute indeed.

Fritz Gerald Acaba says:


Rocket says:

So beautiful

Galaxy Doppler says:

Break it open!’ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Aztral says:

Fking love llamas

ijaz Ahmad says:

Cute animals

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