KOALA – A Cute Koala Videos And Funny Koala Bear Compilation || PETS And ANIMALS

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Check out these cute koala videos and funny koala videos in this koalas bear compilation. Koala bears are very cute and funny animals and pets.

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duping delight says:

stuff like this makes me treasure life again

duping delight says:

koalas like cuddles, I like koala cuddles….. I'm booking a flight to oz!!!!!!

Emperor Constantine 1. says:

I held one while in Australia for a picture…SO SOFT CUDDLY AND SLEEPY!!!

And she was so light, too!!


Princess A says:

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CookieSweet says:

Koala is now one of my fav animals ❀❀

duping delight says:

so cute. koalas remind of babies in nappies the way their bums are β™‘

arif khan says:

It's finger print almost identical to human finger print

Rita Lovett says:

I want to hug one now 😍

Rita Lovett says:

I'm obsessed with koalas now, they're just so cute! 😍

Emi Quetzalkoala says:

Well, actually koalas can't be pets. They are tre-dwellers and it is absolutely impossible for them to survive in a different environment. Also, the species is vulnerable and it is protected by law. So, I can agree with calling them "cute and funny animals", but certainly they are not and can not be"pets".

Jessica Wilches says:

I love you koala

Santosh Khatri says:


Bfor Brady YT says:


TRIS says:

I want to get that koala πŸ™ that was cute

Gaby Boom says:


Wendy Tain says:

The first one is cute.
The third is like "Give me a big hug".

Menibor1 says:

Weird looking Pokemon

Unity says:

is cute i like koala

Marie Rose Bodein says:


the Dragon dan 655 says:


Christopher Contreras says:

Cuteness Overload!

Peach Over 40 says:

I would be in heaven to meet and hold these creatures in person


Is there a way to comment as a koala?


Clicorice says:

I want a chubby little grey dog 😭😍❀️ they're so adorable

bn ksi says:

Give me koala!!

jwgmail says:

dear god they're cute

R. F. says:

Dirty bottoms mean they have chlamydia and can die from it (first get blind, bladder infection and infertile…then die)

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