Funny Screaming Animals

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Enjoy this 2013 Funny screaming animals compilation. Have you ever heard animals like: Seals, Dogs, Frogs, Goats and Sheeps scream? Hope you like..


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mikey grace says:


Maryam. B says:

I like the 3d one

Preston Roblox And More says:

Why the reupload

XGacha_ZachX says:

0:33 When the whole class gets a math test.

SJ Sennen says:

This whole video is a compilation of my complaining noises NGL 😂😂😂

Afiq Mohd says:

0:40 HAaaaaaaAaAAAAAAaa

Diyako Boroj says:

The funniest frog😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

TheBeginningCHQ says:

0:16 hweeeEeEE

Ya Boi Nole says:

Captions: music

Sebastian says:

0:551:02 Pikselowy Żaba: Koniec gry. Żaba II 1969

Sebastian says:

0:47 Mohammad MÃ¥ ferdig

gene anthony says:

I need a pet frog.

Yooty Piper and Jedie lol says:

0:55 When Tsuyu Asui screams like a weirdo

Zephyr Nator says:

seal: sinks in water

Timothy Simms says:

0:54 that's my cousin

Naru The Narugakuruga says:

0:33 when some one shot you whit a pistol

Screen Maps says:

I would probally kill the dog


Last one was dope

Gone None says:

Summary of this video:


Za Zd says:

Damn! That frog at the end of video has an innate autotune 😮😮😂😂

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