Funny Pet Meme Animal Video Compilation 2016

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From inspiring dogs to athletic puppies, these hilarious memes show us that pets truly do get us.

The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online. Simply put, we think animals are the best ever. If you agree, let’s make it YouTube official right here, right meow:

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Original Links:
French Bulldog Tugs on Rope Swing
Crazy Licking Cat
Cat and Dog Interrupt Owner’s Sunday Morning
Cat Puts Paws On Her Face While Sleeping
Frog Hangs Out on French Bulldog’s Face
Pineapple Blocks Dog’s Way
Lazy Cat Rings Bell for Snack
Angel’s got the rhythm
French Bulldogs on Longboard


ACrystalMoon says:

cat in thumbnail picture 3.28

Just Anime says:

00:02 How You hanging…

Madelynn Philips says:

The cat licking

garrulousglandarius says:

The way the cat dummies the dog with the right at 1:31 and then hits him with the left.

boi hoi says:

Hoi people who make memes don't put lol and doge is a meme not all of these pets

Trish TV says:

Someone get that first cat a lollypop. Is there such a thing I wonder….Lollypops for cats? There really should be. Beef flavoured. Chicken even. Yeah.

Franco Zorzoli says:

this is the most shitty normie stuff in the world

BleachBagel says:

stank nigga

Jeremy Mullis says:

1:22 Conner McGregor vs maywather

Floreš says:

The 1st two vids r the best, the rest is as shitty as my life.

Javier crazymexican says:

Your not funny

dreamzy xx says:

Second one that C to on catnip lol

TheNoobBook says:

Fucking hell, this is shit

Shaikha Almajid says:



Pattie Stanton says:

Not that funny

SharpenLimited says:

0:22 l i c c

[KYS] says:

Fucking AIDS title.


One smooth skateboard

YouPooped YourTube says:

granny memes

Amanda Wong says:

what breed of dog @2:22

Gary Plastek says:

John Goodman look a like at 1:09

Kitty C says:

Oh, such an enjoyable video! Hats off to- 1:09 (particularly the guy, his pan face is hilarious!), 4:14 and 5:20! How did he get all those little Bulldogs to STAY on the board!!

Lola Spregfeld says:

I 💗💗💗 this video soooo much💕💕💕

Casandra Garces says:

0:28 lamao

Silver Kitsune 921 says:

the one at 0 : 22 made me laugh

Cd Ef says:

dogs rule..

Елизавета Воронина says:

2:00 – does somebody know this song? I can't recognise it ):

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