Funny Goats Screaming like Humans

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A funny compilation of Goats screaming like humans 2013.


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。。Fluffy & Luna Gacha's!。。 says:

0:20 what I say when I step on Lego 😂

LightestofallMemes says:

Goat: how much screaming do you want in this video?
Human: yes

scarlet night says:

0:13 Oh hey it's light turner from the Netflix death note movie

Dêprêššed Dėmøñz says:

Idk what to write so..




Idk where these lead so good luck?

Sailor Potato says:

0:13 the classic

SupraSanicsKrublAwrD Yee says:

0:11 is it me or is that’s the Ram Rider’s Ram screaming

shocked_ kirishima says:

0:13 when i remember the cringy thing I've done 9 years ago

music _is_life says:

1:05 bruh that goats like, say it to my face! Whatttt???!!!

Raul Hedgebomber says:

0:11 the meme origin
When your mother found your failed test

Rainey Porep says:

0:13 is fake

Galaxy Val says:

goat : screams
Saliva : freedom!

Jacob Larchian says:


Hannah loves to watch lufu says:

1:02 0:14

songbirdmc says:

Me at a Mariah Carey concert 0:52 😂

songbirdmc says:

I came here after watching Bless This Mess. I forgot about screaming goats. I need to watch fainting goats next. 😂

Lyle Xiong says:

I thought the first one had fucking scoliosis.

Vids Niecy says:

0:13 me on the first day of school

HezSur Narcissus says:

:13 is what we need to start doing when there's a fight or something. Just add to the chaos.

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