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These Cats And Dogs Each Have Their Own Special Quirk | These pets all have a signature move — and each one’s a total mystery. The dachshund’s parents have no idea where she learned to stand!

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Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile says:

Aw sweet! 🐱💖

Vanessa Benefico says:

The first cat might have been a chiimera.

jimmy fortrue says:

My brother had a shepherd/collie mix that smiled like that first smiler…(50 years ago) haven't seen one smile as big since then till now.

Lavduri Symons says:

wonderful. dogs are lots of fun. ❤️

Mr. Moesby says:

0:24 someone make this a meme

Esther (周榮恩) Chou says:

Maggie's secret identity is a meerkat ww

Anime Aunty says:

Hey, tails r hard to wash, they never hold still.
I hold my cats tails still so they can lick em. Any time I do it they go all manic, cleaning like crazy. It like 'Quick, clean it NOW while it's holding still!'

Tee Tee says:


Tea- Rex says:

3:29 mom I’m sick I can’t go to school 🤧🤒🤕🤢

Josh Art Vandelay says:

1:59 " You what mate?! "

Georgia Valdez says:

That corgi!

Mike Tully says:

I love cats and dogs they taste like chicken if you cook them right just kidding I'm an animal lover LOL

Dolly and Beanie says:

Maggie your my hero😳😘

Ryan Walsh says:

My dog smiles whenever I walk through the door

Coracao Formoso 123 says:

Lindeza de anjiho ❤️🐕🇧🇷😂😂

This is for commenting says:

My dog does what Maggie does

Hi Everyone says:

Maggie makes sort of a double chin when she stands😂😂😂

Loves Ducks that Has 10,000 Subs Without any Vids says:

That intro has a loud sound

howdy2399 says:

The smiley dog has some nice teeth though 😆

Watch Me Do says:

The purest video on Earth

Elvis Johnson says:

U sure have some beautiful teeth! And the cat is so clean. All of these animals are so beautiful!! Thx for Sharing them also.

Moo Moo Puppy says:

The kitten raises his/her hands because she doesn't want to get shot by police officers

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