Funny animals make you happy and laugh- Funny animal compilation

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Here’s a super funny and cute animal compilation with the best and funniest animal home videos! You will laugh for sure and it will make you happy! Here are the funniest dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, bears, raccoons, monkeys, elephants,… What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Hand Trolley, Upbeat Forever, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Glownigger Storage says:

Well, the raccoon hiding his face was cute

Kristel sil says:

Cute ear nibblers

Maira Videla says:

hola chicos me gusto el vídeo me divertí muchísimo besos chau !!!

Madelyn Ruiz says:

nicole yulianna

Jasmine Solis says:

I don't think there was a mirror there

Jasmine Solis says:

The sheep didn't even care it just went for it

Destindgious Zaxaloon Snob says:


Destindgious Zaxaloon Snob says:

i can speak many languages

Destindgious Zaxaloon Snob says:

и кстати это было так смешно мне понравилось

Destindgious Zaxaloon Snob says:

ребята 38 плюс 17 55 да или нет

oh yeah yeah says:

Wut was that at 1:43

BlueLemon oo7 says:

now i feel bad for all the animals who really got scared or hurt in this vid >:(

Barakuda says:

Bear conga line!

f o n f o t o says:

How many fuckin adverts

Putin Cone says:

i came here for the veiled chameleon

Deranged_Dragon says:

*Dog runs around with a cone on its' head
[Child] It's like a lawnmower!

BaconMate says:

My cat played with my Fidget Spinner yesterday xD

ThresholdShift Productions says:

5:29 Marylin Monroe

kyra reynolds says:

this is funny but when the animals get hurt in no fun

Padme Oliver says:

Well if animal was hurt they wouldn't show it but some of the videos I am a little concerned. But if they walk it off then they are okay

GodOf OsiRis says:

wtf was that on 1:53

babarsher's world says:

who likes dogs like my comment

Bruna Rigon says:


Tiah Lewis says:

I'm not 😻😹😸😺😽 I'm 🙀😿🙍👀👄💋💔

Tiah Lewis says:

I'm still sad after this video 😩😧😦😭😢😿🙀😾👧

Brianna x Jumin Han O_O says:


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