Funny Animals – A Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2015 [PART 2]

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Check out these funny videos of funny animals. I gathered this funny animal videos and made another compilation. A funny animal will always going to make you laugh. I always try to find the funniest animal videos.


lizzygamingforfun byrne says:

Lol the hamster

l I says:

Wow, a twerking elephant.

GTA FAN Boi says:

The third one was funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

HushThyself says:

song at 1:46 linkin park – given up..thank me later

whydoyouevencareaboutmyname2 na says:

I like it sow moche

Girl Baller says:

0:38 spank spank spank

Keltorax says:

0:38 Elephant booty dance

Michelle Ann says:


Glenda Gray says:

I love  Kid's School Lunch 😉😁😊😃😇🎂🎈

Hannah Whittaker says:

jesus! that dog at 1:30 looks like those things from attack the block

harley quinn says:

The second is the funniest

harley quinn says:

The second is the funniest

Tom Garrish says:


Scotty miller says:

that'd be a dead rooster lmdao

Gerald Dixon Cummings says:

Elephant twerkin' @ 0:47? Yummy.

Brian Heelan says:

that's a brave dog, mine usually runs and hides under my bed when i turn the vacuum on haha

carole jamieson says:

it is so funny

Willdoingdumbstuff says:

who puts a leaf blower in front of a dogs face AND TURN IT ON thats danegerous for a dog

IDrinkBleach says:

1:47 thats what my car sounded like when I forgot to change the breaks

Sirius says:

making animals listen to loud music is animal abuse

Jinglex Kuzi says:

This is why Zootopia was made xD

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