Funny Animal Fail Compilation 2018 – Animals Falling Over [PART 2]

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This funny animal fail compilation for 2018 features some of the most hilarious clips of animals falling over and animals being clumsy.

From cat fails to dog fails, to even a squirrel fail, these are the funniest animals clips you will ever see.

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Sub Face ._. Aka D3M 5kittles says:

Aww this was cute and funny at the same time

Raptor gaming 81 says:

1:46 mufasas death

3:12 scars fall

Sinc says:

2:11 is 5he pug OK after?

Sheheryar Danish says:

when i say to my friend u r fat and he doesnt believe it 0:37

KeyDelux says:

How/Why is it funny to watch animals fall/fail? some of these clips look like they would hurt.

Natalie Kettell says:

A falling animal is my sprit animal

holly dougherty says:

0:58 when ur mom says "Dinners ready"

Greg 45 says:

"Cats have an excellent sense of balance." As they fall all over the place.

Ellie Roles says:

did the one at 0.34 die

Nexteaser 2004 says:

The funniest yet cutest thing ever

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