Funny and Cute Possums Possuming About Funny Animal Videos

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Funny possum videos. Funny and cute possum compilation!


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Shoto Todoroki says:

Adorable. I am currently raising seven opossums myself, so it's nice to know that people have them as pets as well. O(≧∇≦)O

Jose Gueeruo says:

Look up video called opossum my possum posted by Lydia Tuesday Guzman

Heather Hartman says:

Cute babies!! I will have to use that round metal feeder idea. There are opossums that love to visit the yard

reign6of6e6terror says:

They only eat?

Mary D says:

Too cute😀

ثابت النهاري says:

حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل ايش هذا كلام مجرب فارقه ما نجيب الله لا يوفقك استغفر الله ما حد ما احب ادعي الله كمان جيبلنا فيران لا لا كذا تعرف و لا انت شكلك ما اشتريها المهم

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