Funny and Cute Animals – Funny Animal Videos Compilation November 2016

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Funny and Cute Animals – Funny Animal Videos Compilation November 2016

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aboveitall 47 says:

Funny video, just keep the stupid music that doesn't go with it out.



Dillon Kemp says:

Rly the middle finger

Ans Geurts says:

wat ik leuk vind heb ik aangegeven .mijn dank .

LifeSoul says:

Cats can fucking go to hell

TOP 10 MAGYAR says:

I love your video! 🙂
Subscribe to my channel and promote it pls!!

Milagros Ominguez says:

muy vidertido menos el perrito del min6:13 me dio penita se ve que está muy viejito y me recordo al mío en paz descanse😥

Ivvie says:

T=the woman that put her cat in the pink bra and then stuck the bra on the door is a fricking bitch.. the bra did not get there by accident. Neither did the cat get stuck by accident… what a view whore.

Emily Conley says:

1:09 that cat was pissed off when he fliped him off

abd.halim abdhalim halim says:

halim halimabdhalim

RixFlix Productions says:

This is movies with talking animals in it! So CUTE!

Breeauna Ryan says:

r these for 12 yr olds?

12345 6789 says:

Who else just loves animals? <3

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