Funniest Animals Screaming and Talking Like Humans!

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Animals that try to imitate human sounds! Funny stuff! Here are some animals that… Well don’t sound like usual. Funny, unique, and cool sounds , screams, and noises that animals make. Some of which resemble humans talking or yelling. There’s a good variety of animals in here, you’ll love the show!!


King-_-Meh ツ Skittlez says:

Me wondering why 75% of the comments start with T

WatchTheHourGlass says:


I wanna coke
I met the tooth fairy
Tooth fairy?
I wanna coke it’ll be great

Lisa Nemetz says:

The animals are sooo funny

View This says:

The video "Humans Screaming Like Animals" brought me here.

Peace&Love says:

Poor kitty – he should be washed in the kitchen sink. That tub is scary. Too big.

Veronica Eriksson says:

Poor cat 💔

Vandimama says:

2:20 a pooty poot

•Luna Moon Wolf• says:

1:45 sounded like some kinda robot lazer

•Luna Moon Wolf• says:

Rooster sounded like a kettle

Leigh Stevens says:

whats with the guy making the toad scream?

Suzette Maha says:

1:35 is obviously a government weapon created with secret alien technology. Either that, or he just needs a mars bar.

Krista Singh says:

Oh ya, torturing animals is so funny…stupid humans

Mysony C3 says:

The cat just said no no no no no no no its so funny 😂😂😂😂

Adrian Ramirez says:

0:59 Chicken Godzilla Roar

AshMash says:

Looks like the bird at 1:43 was playing too many video games!

Jackson Leavelle says:

3:05 baby crying

Jackson Leavelle says:

1:15 when i stub my toe (also that really sounds like a man screaming)

- preciousfeelinqs - says:

3:47 me when summer break is over

Godzilla loves tacos says:

Kitty: no no!!!!!!!!
Person: come on kitty!

love you hooman says:

They were talk about how to conquer the wold

Emperør Deimøs says:

0:10 the pencil sharpener in my school—

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